Visa’s Zero Liability Policy

Our Zero Liability Policy provides a guarantee that you won't be held responsible for any unauthorised payments made with your card or card details.  You're protected if your Visa debit or credit card is lost, stolen or used fraudulently, online or offline.

if you think your card has been used fraudulently, report any unauthorised payments to your bank or card provider immediately.

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How our Zero Liability Policy works

Pay worry-free

You can pay securely with your Visa debit or credit card to make purchases both online and in-store locally or when travelling abroad. We have payment technology in-place to help detect and prevent scams and fraud, however, if it does happen, you have protection.


Monitor your account

Keep track of all thepayments from your account with your banking or card account app. Providing payment alerts which notify you when your card has been used and let you report any payments you don’t recognise to your bank or card provider immediately.

Get a quick resolution

Our Zero Liability Policy requires your bank or card provider to replace any money taken from your account as the result of an unauthorised payment within 5 days. In many cases this is done immediately, while your provider further investigates the fraudulent transaction.

Replacement funds are provided on a provisional basis and may be withheld, delayed, limited, or rescinded due to gross negligence or fraud, delay in reporting unauthorised use, investigation and verification of claim, or account standing and history. Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. Contact your issuer for more detail.

Zero Liability, Zero Worries

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Protect yourself against fraud and scams

Card fraud is thankfully rare, but it is possible for your card details to be stolen, or a business you buy from to be hacked. Learn what to watch out for and keep yourself as safe as possible when making a payment.

From our top tips and safety advice when it comes to staying protected to insights on how scammers operate and the payment technology that keeps you safe, learn more about what to do if you think your card has been used fraudulently.

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How you pay matters: Secure and protected with Visa

Whether you’re paying by card, mobile device or digital wallet, when you pay with Visa, you can pay with confidence. You have the peace of mind that your payment is secure and you have protection if something goes wrong.