Enable workers, small business clients and consumers access to funds through eligible debit cards


We make it possible for fast and secure payments to travel across the world.


Move money in real time³ at a global scale to eligible cards.


Deliver an experience to workers with access to funds or earnings between pay periods.

Worker pay-outs

Provide workers with access to their earnings between pay periods⁴


Gig workers can collect a portion of their wages once jobs are completed.

Earned Wage Access (EWA)

Workers can access their earnings when they need it with Visa Direct.


Freelancers and independent contractors can get paid for their work faster than traditional direct deposits, which can take days to arrive.

Multi-Level Marketing

Direct sellers can access their earned income quickly and easily through eligible cards.


Employers can offer seamless gig worker pay-outs.

Small and medium business (SMB) payouts

Empower small businesses by offering them a way to access their funds faster²


Marketplaces can send payments to their sellers faster than traditional methods.

Merchant settlement

Merchants can collect their card sales revenue when they want instead of waiting for standard settlement periods.

Digital goods

Creators can receive fast payments through their eligible cards for digitally licensed goods and content.

E-commerce platforms

Sellers can access their sales revenue quickly and easily.

Online lending

Loan recipients can access funds in real time³ upon approval.

Consumer pay-outs

For any business, customers can experience the benefit of fast payouts²

Insurance claims

Insurance companies can help improve customer satisfaction in real time.³

Gaming and lottery winnings

Betting companies can allow players to cash out their winnings in real time.³

Travel reimbursements

Airlines, railroad and hospitality companies can issue customer reimbursements quickly and simply.

Education pay-outs

Educational institutions can issue financial aid and other student disbursements with speed and simplicity.

Consumer refunds

Consumer businesses of many types can issue fast customer refunds with Visa Direct.


Financial institutions can provide real-time³ access to consumer loans.

Partners offering Visa Direct enabled solutions

We partner with best-in-class solution partners⁶ to help businesses accelerate money movement.